Proposal Season is Coming—Are you Prepared?

This year’s end of fiscal year spending is projected at the highest levels in recent history. This means that you and your team need to maximize your probability of winning and avoid last minute, resource-drive no-go’s.

To help you achieve this, we put together some of our top tips to adhere to as you ramp up and dive into proposal season.

Tip 1: Don’t rely on the government’s timeline

Just because the government is pushing out timelines doesn’t mean you should. Set your goals and check-in dates well in advance and stick to them. If things get bogged down on the government’s end you can use that extra time to focus on other pursuits or perfecting the project.

Tip 2: Start preparing your archives and collateral now

Get together past performances and potential collateral for everything project in your pipeline early. Approaching a heavy proposal season unprepared will cause confusion on your team and will inevitably hinder your efforts to seamlessly prepare a winning proposal.

Tip 3: Leverage your team

Don’t be afraid to hand the reigns over to a trusted team member or to ask your subs for help. Use the resources you have so you don’t fall behind. Also, considering expanding your resources to include outsourcing for any step of the process.

Tip 4: Remember the separate spheres of bidding model

If possible, let one person manage the project, one person writes the proposal and have a third person review the process and work. Avoiding crossover and getting a second pair of eyes helps avoid tunnel vision and bias and will help you catch mistakes that could cost you a proposal.

Tip 5: Prepare for crunch time

You probably already know that burning the midnight oil during this season is an inherent part of the job. However, you can still be smart about how you power through crunch time. Enforce mandatory breaks and provide food, snacks and coffee to keep a positive environment and increase the quality of your proposals.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get started on your efforts and get ready to have a winning year.