When to Sub and When to Prime

You just came across the perfect bid for your company and as you learn more about it you have to make a decision on whether to bid as a prime contractor or a subcontractor. Often times this decision is clear, you either don’t have the resources to bid as a prime or you are overqualified … Continued

The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Target Strategy

We’re almost at the half way point of 2019. That means that you and your team should have FY2020 planning on your radar. Developing a good target strategy can be overwhelming and its often difficult to know if you are going after the right bids for you and your team. There are a few key … Continued

Proposal Season is Coming—Are you Prepared?

This year’s end of fiscal year spending is projected at the highest levels in recent history. This means that you and your team need to maximize your probability of winning and avoid last minute, resource-drive no-go’s. To help you achieve this, we put together some of our top tips to adhere to as you ramp … Continued

How to Overcome A Bad Outsourcing Experience

Outsourcing your capture intelligence and proposal efforts can be wildly beneficial for small and medium businesses. Leveraging experts frees up you and your team’s’ time while also helping you win more effectively. However, not all market intelligence firms are created equally, and it can be hard as a small business to figure out what you … Continued

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